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June 23, 2016
Session 8 Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

Watch this video titled "Faces of Distracted Driving: Heather Lerch."

Now, write a 5-7 sentence comment based on the questions listed below.  Make sure you use proper spelling and grammar to create a clear and concise response.  Also make sure to abide by the rules of the blog.  Remember, when you are done leaving your comment close this tab to return back to the session page and take your quiz.

  • Do you believe any text is worth risking what happened to Heather?
  • Did watching this video change how you feel about texting while driving?
  • Should there be stricter penalties for drivers who are caught texting while driving?
  • Who is affected when people text and drive?


On August 13, 2018 Ruth Schlumpf said...

No, I believe that no text is worth the risk of life. No this video didn't change my mind at all on what I believe. If it did anything it just made me disagree on texting and driving more. Yes, I do believe there should be a more strict policy. Everyone is affected when you text and drive. Everyone on the road, their family and friends and the driver texting and drivings family and friends.

On August 13, 2018 Nicholas Schmitz said...

No text is worth risking your life and no text ever will be. I already strongly believed that texting while driving is wrong and this video just confirmed my thoughts. I do believe that the penalties should be stricter, but it's not my place to say what those penalties should be. Texting and driving doesn't just affect you, it also affects everyone around you. You are putting yourself, your passengers, and everyone with you on the road in danger. Your death especially affects the people you love. When you're gone you're also leaving your friends and family behind. That's the reality and those are the facts.

On August 12, 2018 Kaitlin West said...

Texting while driving is never worth the risk. A text can be sent at any point in time, but you only have one life. If the text was really important, you'd pull over and send it rather than risking your life for it. No text is more important than your life. Watching this video did not change how I feel about texting while driving because I already was against it. I believe that there should be stricter punishment given to those caught texting while driving so maybe people will take it more seriously. Everyone is affected by those who text and drive. The ones texting, the ones who may lose their lives due to texting while driving, and those who lose loved ones due to texting and driving. It needs to be taken more seriously.

On August 10, 2018 Otto Schenk said...

No text is ever worth sending while you are driving because it will put you and others on the road in danger. This video did not change the way I feel about texting and driving. I have always felt that texting can wait. I believe that there should be stricter laws on texting and driving. I believe this because you are putting peoples lives in danger when you do this. Everyone on the road and there families can be affected if you text and drive, your putting them in danger as well as yourself, and if something happens there family is affected.

On August 09, 2018 Eily Polenzani said...

Texting while driving is never worth the risk. Watching this video defiantly reinforced for me how bad texting while driving is. Hearing about it and learning about these dangers is one thing but seeing how it effects these people changes how you view things. I think there should be stricter policies on texting while driving because people don't realize how dangerous and how distracting texting can be and it needs to stop. I think that when your text everyone is effected: you, your family, and others on the road.

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