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June 23, 2016
Session 8 Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

Watch this video titled "Faces of Distracted Driving: Heather Lerch."

Now, write a 5-7 sentence comment based on the questions listed below.  Make sure you use proper spelling and grammar to create a clear and concise response.  Also make sure to abide by the rules of the blog.  Remember, when you are done leaving your comment close this tab to return back to the session page and take your quiz.

  • Do you believe any text is worth risking what happened to Heather?
  • Did watching this video change how you feel about texting while driving?
  • Should there be stricter penalties for drivers who are caught texting while driving?
  • Who is affected when people text and drive?


On March 25, 2019 Hannah Hardenbrook said...

While tempting, one simple text will never be worth risking my life. This video did not change my perspective because I was already very aware of the dangers of texting and driving. However it did remind me that I should make sure that anyone who is driving me is not texting and driving. I do believe there should be a stricter punishment for those found texting and driving. Not only because it is dangerous for them, but it is also dangerous for the cars and people around them. Everyone is affected by texting and driving. Anyone in the car, such as family or friend would be affected if a crash occurred. Anyone driving around the distracted driver would be affected if they were to be hit. Most importantly the family and friends of those hurt due to the careless and irresponsible choices of the driver would be deeply affected.

On March 25, 2019 Alyssa Gorte said...

No text is worth risking your life over. No matter what kind of text it might be, there is no reason to risk your life. This video did not change my mind on texting and driving, because I already felt that it was a terrible idea. While it might be a good idea to raise the fine to over 150 dollars, often time it will not stop people if they really want to text and drive, just like a speeding ticket will not stop people from speeding. Anyone on the road is affected when people text and drive, because while those who text and drive are a hazard to themselves by crashing, they also are a hazard to those they might crash into.

On March 22, 2019 Janessa Rasmussen said...

No texts are worth the risk when driving. If you must reply, be considerate of everybody's safety and simply pull over. I've always been against texting and driving. Nothing's important enough to risk yours and others safety/life. There should most definitely be stricter penalties. It's not okay that people always think they can put others in danger without any real consequences. I've seen people get a ticket, then start driving off and texting somebody complaining about it. Thing's like this aren't taken as seriously as they should be. Everybody is affected.

On March 20, 2019 Gabriella Kabakchieva said...

It is never worth risking your life simply to send a text while driving. Though I already believed that you should never text and drive, this video reaffirmed my beliefs and made them even stronger. Unfortunately, texting and driving affects everyone, when you text and drive you not only risk your own safety, but the safety and well being of others as well. Should you get into an accident, it’s not just you who suffers, it’s your family, the other people involved, their families, law enforcement, etc. so it’s unfair to assume that you will be the only one who suffers the consequences of your actions. I believe stricter penalties will definitely help limit texting and driving further, I also think that the penalties should be the same for everyone, as I’ve seen many adults texting and driving as well (not just teens). All in all, texting while driving should be avoided at all costs as it’s simply not worth risking your life, and the lives and wellbeing of others, simply to send one more word.

On March 17, 2019 Gabriella F Diaz said...

Texting and driving is never worth the risk of death. However, countless people will be faced with the temptation and give in without consequences. Once the thought that they can get away with being on their phone while operating a motor vehicle is set in their mind, they will believe themselves to be untouchable. But there is potential to fail to so certain dangers that could lead to death or severe injuries. This is why I believe that there should stricter penalties as a consequence to texting and driving. With a ticket of less than $200, those who do receive one, often times won't see it as that big of a deal. Raising the cost of a ticket would be more beneficial and cause drivers to create safer driving habits. The video did not change my view of texting and driving. My view on texting and driving is that it should not happen no matter what the circumstance. Texting and driving not only affects the driver but it also affects their loved ones and anyone they are with on a regular basis.

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