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June 23, 2016
PSA Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

For this blog we are going to have you pick out your favorite PSA that you watched during this course.  Using a few complete sentences tell us which PSA was your favorite, which session it was in, and why it was your favorite.  

Remember, when you have finished your comment close this tab to return to the course and take your session quiz.


On October 01, 2018 Eily Polenzani said...

The most impactful one for me was the PSA from session 22 where the driver hit the class of kindergartens. This was the most impactful because it really hit close to home for me because I have a younger brother who is that age and the thought of losing him is just terrible. It made me so sad that that many children die just from other drives.

On September 29, 2018 Marly Reynolds said...

The PSA that stood out to me the most was the one in session 30. It was about the man who killed his brother by drinking and driving and racing. It stood out to me because he was saying how he wanted to show his brother the types of things he does that he thinks are cool. It shows that crashes can happen to anybody even people who think they are in total control. He realized that drinking and driving/racing is not cool. It is what killed his brother and It is very dangerous.

On September 22, 2018 Mya Fisher said...

My favorite PSA would have to be from session 29. The very first PSA from that lesson talks about the dangers of drinking under the influence and the consequences that come with it. Drinking and driving is completely wrong and no one should ever do it. I thought that the PSA was a great way to emphasize how dangerous it is to drink while driving. It is also illegal to do so. The PSA was very straight to the facts and informational. I would recommend that everyone should watch it before beginning to drive.

On September 19, 2018 Angelina Tovar said...

Personally the most impactful PSA was in session 37. Where the girl and the guy were texting back and forth while he was driving. The girl was obviously conflicted and didn't know he was driving. He made the mistake of texting which is not worth it at all when driving. I can't imagine having anyone close to me during because they were texting. It really made me consider the fact that texting anyone who is driving is dangerous. It's a eye opener to many, to not text and drive.

On September 16, 2018 Grace Prostko said...

My favorite PSA is the very first PSA in session 1. I liked this PSA because after all of these sessions it becomes more and more crucial that you can see just how hard it is to see something you are not looking for. In this video it is a moon-walking bear, but in real life its a small child running into the street, or a bicyclist you didn't see coming. I like to think of this PSA as the foundation for all of the other cautionary ones because that first PSA shows you that you would have missed the same things that the drivers in all of those other cautionary PSAs missed and that you really need to pay attention to anything and everything that may happen. Even though this PSA may not seem as serious as the others, I think it is the most serious because it puts you in the position of making the mistake, not someone else.

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