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June 23, 2016
PSA Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

For this blog we are going to have you pick out your favorite PSA that you watched during this course.  Using a few complete sentences tell us which PSA was your favorite, which session it was in, and why it was your favorite.  

Remember, when you have finished your comment close this tab to return to the course and take your session quiz.


On February 15, 2018 Dino Savaglio said...

My Favorite PSA was the one where it showed the victims families who were killed from a driver texting and driving. It was my favorite, because it showed that texting and driving doesn't just affect the person that died. I don't understand why someone would think it's a good idea to text and drive. The PSA gives you a perspective of what can happen from the choices you make.

On February 12, 2018 Jacob Olson said...

In session 37 the PSA where a male driver was texting and driving, hit a bicyclist with his vehicle. This is my favorite because it shows you how fast it can happen when you look down for a slit second, and how you need to watch for bicyclists more carefully.

On February 07, 2018 Abby Wittler said...

The PSA that affected me the most was the one on session 33 where a girl was reading a letter to her parents. She was telling them how sorry she was for not being more careful when she was driving. This really hit home for me because I could make one distracted mistake and everyone around me would have to pay for it. It made me realize that when I get in a car my absolute full attention has to be on the road.

On February 05, 2018 Joseph Busalacchi said...

I believe it was session 23, it was about hydroplaning. This had a really big effect on me because I was friends with one of the kids that was in the car when it struck the cop car. It impacted me because it made me realize that something can happen to any of your friends at anytime. It also made me realize that it is extremely dangerous to drive when it is raining and snowing. This is the main reason I will never drive when conditions are not right to do so.

On February 05, 2018 Jackson Corcoran said...

One of my favorite PSA's was in session 36 about watching out for people on bikes. When the weather is nice, I am constantly outside riding my bike with my friends. We bike to places far away, and are on some pretty busy roads. I think it is extremely important for cars to watch out for bikers because they can do a lot of damage. If a car were to hit a biker, the car may have a small dent or scratch, but this crash could injure or even kill the biker.

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