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June 23, 2016
Session 19 Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

First, watch this short news clip about a deadly crash that occured in Kewaskum, Wisconsin during the summer of 2014.  

Next, write a 5-7 sentence comment based on the following questions. Make sure you use proper spelling and grammar to create a clear and concise response. Also make sure to abide by the rules of the blog. Remember, when you are done leaving your comment to close this tab to return back to the session page.

  • The teens lost control of their car.  What do you believe might have been reasons other than the weather that could have contributed to this?
  • What does "reasonable and prudent speed" mean?
  • Do you think the lack of driving experience may have played a role in this crash?
  • This crash happened at 8:30 am.  Is that significant?


On March 26, 2019 Andrew Stich said...

The other teens in the car could have been distracting the driver. Reasonable and prudent used in this context an acceptable speed for the conditions. Lack of experience could have played a major role. If the weather was as bad as they said it was in the film it could have been there first time in those conditions. The time of the crash is also important. Because it was early in the morning the driver could have been tired and not had all of his attention on the road.

On March 25, 2019 Camille Juga said...

The teens may have lost control of the car because the driver wasn't paying enough attention. He could have been distracted by the passenger, or changing the radio station, or eating breakfast, or even falling asleep. A reasonable and prudent speed refers to the speed the driver is going. In this case, it was raining and wet and slippery, so going a bit slower than the actual speed limit. Usually, a reasonable speed would be the speed limit, but this can change because of other conditions. Lack of experience could have had a great deal in this case, because the driver may not have had the importance of smart driving through his brain. He probably didn't worry too much, but he should have. The crash happened at 8:30 am, so the teens may have been tired and groggy, or they may have been eating breakfast, but either way, driving while unprepared or distracted is very risky and dangerous.

On March 20, 2019 JoLee Karnz said...

Since the teens were in the car together they could have been distracted by each other or music.I believe that this crash could have been prevented if the teens had more driving experience. If they had more experience, the teens may have known better and paid attention to the road preventing the crash. The time may have been a factor in the crash if the teens were tired. Other than being tired the time may have signified that they were on their way somewhere and may have been distracted with their destination.

On March 19, 2019 Becca Fleming said...

There are lot of factors that could have affected the teenagers before the accident. There could have been multiple teenagers in the car and they could have been a distraction to the driver. The driver could have been on their phone. The driver could have had their radio on too loud. The driver could have also just been inexperienced and not know how to drive well enough. "Reasonable and prudent speed" means a speed that is logical and safe for the circumstances. The fact that the crash happened at 8:30 isn't too significant. It just means that the were probably tired and that it wasn't night time so that wasn't a factor that could have affected the teenagers.

On March 19, 2019 Bella Conti said...

I think that speeding could have something to do with the crash. Also other distractions like maybe listening to music or just messing around. "Reasonable and prudent speed" means the speed that is ideal for the circumstances of that day. I think lack of driving experience probably played a huge role in this accident because the teenager that was driving may have never driven in that heavy of rain before and did not know how to handle it. Yes the fact that the crash happened at 8:30 am is significant because the teenagers could very well have been extremely tired and not in a very good condition mentally to drive.

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