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June 23, 2016
Session 19 Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

First, watch this short news clip about a deadly crash that occured in Kewaskum, Wisconsin during the summer of 2014.  

Next, write a 5-7 sentence comment based on the following questions. Make sure you use proper spelling and grammar to create a clear and concise response. Also make sure to abide by the rules of the blog. Remember, when you are done leaving your comment to close this tab to return back to the session page.

  • The teens lost control of their car.  What do you believe might have been reasons other than the weather that could have contributed to this?
  • What does "reasonable and prudent speed" mean?
  • Do you think the lack of driving experience may have played a role in this crash?
  • This crash happened at 8:30 am.  Is that significant?


On April 22, 2018 Andrew Cotton said...

While the devastating crash occurred during a period of poor weather, the inexperience of the driver, be it due to the curve, state of the weather, or distractions, could also have contributed to the crash. Driving at a "reasonable and prudent speed" most likely refers to driving at a speed which is safest and most logical for the situation at hand. As previously mentioned, the fact that the driver probably had a few years of driving experience maximum most likely had an effect on the crash. Finally, 8:30 A.M. is most certainly a period of time where people are not fully awake, leading to drowsiness and trouble concentrating. This could also have contributed to the crash.

On April 21, 2018 Mya James said...

I think that with it being so early in the morning the boy may have been tired or exhausted which could cause him to lose control. Also maybe with the driver being inexperienced played a big role. I think that "reasonable and prudent" means that the speed they were driving was pretty good for the weather. I think that the lack of driving experience played a really big role in the crash. With the crash being so early in the morning that could be another reason with the driver losing control.

On April 18, 2018 Tunmi Omoloja said...

In my opinion, I believe that there could have been some different factors that contributed to the death of these teens other than the weather. Even though that was a large factor. Firstly, I believe that the passenger could have been a distraction to the driver. Secondly, they could have been exceeding the speed limit or they didn't adjust their speed to the weather. Thirdly, As they said in the video the victims of the crash were teen so the driver was probably inexperience and didn't think that adjusting his speed to match the weather condition would affect his driving but it did. Lastly, 8:30 am seems quiet early for a teens to be driving so, he could have just woken up and was a bit groggy or even tried and as we know, it is not a good idea to drive while tired.

On April 18, 2018 Paul Otto Jr said...

The teenagers could have been fooling around. They could have been on their phones. They could have been distracted by music or the radio, or it could have been automobile issues that the kids might not have fixed like broken windshield wipers. Lack of driving experience could have played a ultimate role in this crash because the driver could have freaked out because of the weather or something like that. Since the crash was recorded to be at 8:30 a.m. that could play a factor because the boys could have still been tired and could have potentially fallen asleep or they weren't ready and alert for what was to come like the driving conditions and the other car involved in the crash.

On April 15, 2018 Jamion Frazier said...

Being teenagers and the lack of experience they might have been going to fast, but also teenagers attention spans are lost easily music could have contributed to this also could have been having a conversation as well as being on their phone. I believe reasonable prudent speed means drive considering the conditions you are driving in. Lack of driving experience I believe played a huge role in the devastating crash maybe not knowing how fast you should drive in that weather or just not being used to more slippery and harder to see conditions. The crash being a significant part because they could have been in a rush to get to their destination they also could have been tired.

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