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June 23, 2016
PSA Blog

Please remember to enter your first AND last name as it was entered on your student profile in the "Name" field when you leave your comment!!!!!!!

For this blog we are going to have you pick out your favorite PSA that you watched during this course.  Using a few complete sentences tell us which PSA was your favorite, which session it was in, and why it was your favorite.  

Remember, when you have finished your comment close this tab to return to the course and take your session quiz.


On November 21, 2016 Teagan Peterson said...

I liked all of the "Buzzed, Busted and Broke" PSA's, like the one in session 28. I like them because they're humorous while still being realistic. That particular one showed a guy living with his mom like he was in jail. While that's an extreme scenario, it is funny and possible.

On November 21, 2016 Catherine Grey said...

My favorite PSA was in Session 14. I remember the first time that I watched it, I physically jumped out of my chair because it was so shocking. The PSA is about the dangers of not noticing motorcyclists, and at what point you should really notice them. This is my favorite PSA because I think I will remember it forever, and it delivered a very good message. Someday, I might be a motorcyclist, and I certainly would not want anyone to hit me because they didn't think to look.

On November 21, 2016 Natalie Girard said...

My favorite PSA was from session 26 "Inattentive Driving Part 1" and it was the first PSA. I liked this PSA because it really showed the reality of what will happen to you if you are a distracted driver. It strongly pointed out the deaths and injuries that you don't have to suffer through if you just turn down the music and settle down. The main theme of that PSA was that its incredibly easy to save your own life and many others through safe undistracted driving.

On November 21, 2016 Matthew Gee said...

So many of the PSAs were very powerful, but my favorite one was the first one in session 37. It was so relevant because I feel like soooo many teens text and drive now a days and don't realize the effect it could have. This really made me think about how me sending just one text message could effect the lives of so many people. That person I was trying to text would never see a reply. My family would never see my smile or hear my voice again. My dog would forever wonder why I never came home. This was very effective and because of it, I will never text and drive.

On November 20, 2016 Abby Duncan said...

I don't know which exact session this PSA is from but it was the most powerful one to me. It was the video of the children on a field trip in the woods and the car that loses control and lands on them. This stood out to me because it is an example that no one saw coming and could have been avoided if the driver had not been speeding. Think about how many people you could hurt, and don't speed!

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